Welcome to Indiana Army Suplus, online division of The Supply Depot. The Supply Depot has been a VETERAN OWNED, FAMILY OPPERATED, INDIANA BASED, SMALL BUSINESS for the last 29 years!

We strive to carry Genuine US Government Military Surplus and other AMERICAN MADE items.

We have an extensive range of MILITARY CLOTHING, HUNTING GEAR, and FOOTWARE! We have a wide variety of sizes, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. If we don't have what you want, chances are we will be able to find it for you. Just call or email us. We carry many brands you may be familiar with including; Propper, Rothco, KA-BAR, Ontario Knives (U.S. MADE), TRU-SPEC, Black Hawk, Uncle Mikes, Aqua Rain Water Filter, Aguila Ammo, Wiley X Sun Glasses, and Winchester to name but a few.

We carry a large selection of CAMPING, SURVIVAL, and FIELD GEAR. We also have a wide variety of POLICE, SECURITY, and EMT service gear!


We sell blank dog tags (U.S.A. made of 100% stainless steel), silencers, and chains. We can even stamp your information on them.
So, if you want dog-tags printed for your military service, or if the kids want to "look the part", this is what you need! These tags are perfect for PETS, LUGGAGE, TOOLS, TOTES, AND MORE! The stamping on these tags won't fade away or rust!
Click here to order these Genuine Military items.

We also specialize in Tippmann paintball guns, accessories, protective wear and .68 cal ammunition. We carry out repairs on TIPPMAN guns, and most paintball equipment.

Some of our best sellers are Dummy Bullet Belts. We sell these in 44" lengths (longer lengths available upon request at additional cost) and have them available both with tips and without tips. Click here to see further information.



Whether you find yourself in the woods, jungle, city , desert, mountains, or snow, we have the camo pattern that you need to blend in! We have, BDU PANTS, BDU TOPS, G.I. M-65 FIELD JACKETS, TEE-SHIRTS, TAC VESTS, L.B.V.s, CAPS, SHEMAGHS, SNIPER VEILS, GHILLIE SUITES, AND MORE!!
We can stamp dog tags with whatever you wish to have on them - simply click here.

In addition to our military surplus, we have AWSOME Go-Carts! With speeds of up to 35 mph, these little guys really mean business!

Our Original military memorabilia spans WW1, WWII, KOREA, VIETNAM, DESERT STORM and the current actions in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN! We have many rare items in stock in our Collectables section.

We have a selection of military vehicles and heavy machinery such as trucks, APC's and Jeeps, which are always changing. We also have civillian heavy equipment such as SKID-STEERS and FORKLIFTS. We have civilian passenger vehicles and small aircraft coming soon (2010)!

Please email or call us for queries about guns, ammunition or parts.

Our order hotline is : 1-812-275-2801.   

Alternatively, you can email us at: sales@indianaarmysurplus.com

If mailing your order, please call or email for item availability. Send your check or money order to us: Our mailing address is :
The Supply Depot 3714 West 16th Street, Bedford, Indiana, 47421.

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